The LBS Clarification Pack

Are you new to the area? Are any of these questions bothering you? Then this is the pack for you, read on:

 I’ve lost my passport , what do I do?? How do I get a SIM card in France? I need to see a Doctor but I don’t speak French , where can I go? I need to translate a document, who can do this for me ? Can I get access to the French medical system? I need a visa but not sure what to do or where to go. Do I need a carte vitale? Where is Prefecture. How do I renew my carte de sejour? What’s a Schengen Visa?

And many more …..

The LBS Clarification Pack For the Horizons Program

A Horizons Special !! 50 euros

 A 1 hour’s skype call to answer all your questions.


 A 45 minute one on one meeting with Tracy Leonetti at her offices or locally

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