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International offshore bank accounts

Need an International Bank Account?

International bank accounts are a necessity when working in the global yachting industry. The chances are you need a euro and US Dollar account plus, an account in your home currency. We can arrange this quickly and efficient. This account is designed specifically for yacht crew and facilitates the international lifestyle you enjoy.

Who pays for the next round..?

The amount of money you can potentially loose when not using a dedicated currency exchange service is enough to easily cover the next round.  For example, what happens if your salary is paid in US Dollars but you’re working in the Med during the summer? You need to transfer some of your salary to your euro account for your daily expenditures, including your bar tab. Using Horizons Currency Exchange can be much cheaper and offers you rates your bank will find hard to beat.


Taxes and superyacht crew…?

Understanding your tax affairs and liabilities is hard enough even if you have a ‘proper job’ on land, let alone if you work in the superyacht industry. Simple questions as to your actual country of residency and your personal tax liabilities  can be complicated. This is why Horizons has teamed up with Marine Accounts, a team of experts in the tax affairs of seafarers and those working in the superyacht industry. With over 10 years experience in this specialist area, they have the knowledge and expertise to answer all your questions and make sure that your tax affairs are handled correctly.

Time for a cup of coffee?

Don’t tell us you went in to yachting only for the fun.. Its about the money as well! Our experts know the industry and will help you achieve your financial goals and create financial stability throughout your yachting career. Lets talk about it over a cup of coffee?


Hitting the slopes? We’ve got you covered!

We know you work hard and play hard! Including some serious snowboard trips to the slopes off-season or a relaxing city trip to take in the sights. But does your yachts mandatory health insurance cover you when your not on the yacht, or while enjoying extreme sports, and what about your luggage? Horizon’s Health & Travel Insurance offers you a worry free solution that is tailored to your active lifestyle and will keep you covered wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Looking to buy your own place?

We understand the potential difficulties superyacht crew can have when looking for a mortgage because they might not have any of the normal tax returns or payslips.