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Don’t walk the plank of foreign exchange without checking your options first. There’s no need to be tied to your bank, when Currencies Direct you can save up to 5% on your exchange

As a proud member of Horizons, Currencies Direct works with yachting professionals to assist in helping them to achieve their financial goals through money saving. Our bank-beating rates, personalised one-to-one service and preferential rates for all Horizons clients are all reasons why Currencies Direct is the first choice for yacht crew. With us you can move your finances quickly and easily between your accounts in different countries without paying any hidden fees or charges. Our bank-beating exchange rates mean you’ll save up to 5% on transfers, so it’s like giving yourself a pay rise right now.

All Currency Exchange for Horizons is handled by Currencies Direct because we provide a service which is safe, simple & secure. We are Europe’s oldest (and largest) foreign exchange specialists and were the first company of its kind to be established in the UK. Since then, Currencies Direct has helped more than 150,000 corporate and personal clients, and process $4.5 billion in currency payments each year. These transfers happen throughout the world, with offices in Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States.

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Your money needs to be able to move internationally as easily as you do, so contact our local team today and receive a quote!

Spot Contracts

Fast and simple
‘on the spot’

Regular Payments

Remove the
hassle from

Forward Contracts

For when
today’s rate
looks good

Limit Orders

Send currency
at a guaranteed

Rate Watch

Scan the market
for your ideal

Overseas Property

Less stress
when buying
or selling

We offer a range of services to make your life easier
and your money go further.

When you need to make a one-off payment, like sending money home or transferring funds to your next port of call, a spot contract lets you transfer money anywhere in the world – quick and easy.

When your life can take you anywhere the wind blows, you need to make sure that your finances are shipshape. With a regular transfer you can set up a Direct Debit payment and ensure that wages or other regular payments arrive exactly on time.

Dreaming of a time when you can buy your own boat or property but you’re not quite ready yet? A forward contract lets you benefit from today’s favourable exchange rate, and with just a small deposit you can lock it in for up to 12 months.

If you know you need to make a transfer but you’re not in a hurry, you can set up a limit order and let us make the transfer for you when the market hits your preferred rate.

Let us keep an eye on the exchange market for you so you can set both eyes on the horizon. Rate watch means we’ll give a holler when your ideal rate is available and then you can choose if you want to make a transfer.

If you’re buying or selling a property overseas, you’ll find there’s a lot to think about. Talking to us will remove at least one of those complications – your currency exchange.


For any questions on Currency Exchange contact your local horizons adviser
or contact our Currency Exchange specialist at Currencies Direct;
Cosette Cutrara
Phone: +33 (0) 422 326 241
Mobile: +33 (0) 787 494 693
Email Cosette

Our range of foreign investment services leave you free to enjoy your life aboard ship, safe in the knowledge that back on dry land your finances are taking care of themselves.

Currencies Direct Ltd, 51 Moorgate, London, EC2R 6BH. Registered in England & Wales, No.: 03041197. Currencies Direct Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009 (FRN 504360) for the provision of payment services. HM Revenue & Customs Certificate of Registration for Money Laundering Regulation, Number: 12132225.