Employment benefits for Yacht Crew

We know that MLC, which principally affects commercial yachts, has been introduced to regulate and therefore improve working conditions for yacht crew. MLC has guidelines for captains, owners and management companies as to what should be provided for their employees

At the moment, this doesn’t cover things like tax advice, pension enrolment or long-term/pension payments. The social security section of the guidelines implies that medical cover is to be provided, but the detail of the levels of cover is not set in stone.

For private yachts there are no ‘laws’ or guidelines by which  owners or management companies must provide specific crew benefits. So what should all crew ‘expect’ an employer to provide for them?

It should be somewhat irrelevant whether there is a legal or moral obligation to provide certain crew benefits. If, as a Captain you want to have an efficient, professionally run and successful yacht (in terms of charter fees) then the best place to start is with a proficient, loyal and happy crew.

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